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3 Easy Steps to Keeping Your Text/iMessage Notifications Private


I'm sure many of you can relate to this scenario: You are sitting at an event next to a friend or acquaintance, and your iPhone screen indicates that you have just received a message.  Even though you have your sound turned down, a preview of the message pops up at the top of your screen.  And maybe that message just happens to be something you'd rather not share with the people seated next to you.  Below are the very simple directions on to change this setting so that you can still tell you received a message from someone without a detailed "newsflash" going out to the people around you.

Here is an example what we DON'T want:

I mean, don't get me wrong, my daughter would be in BIG trouble if she really got an F in English.  But that doesn't mean I want the people around me to find out about it at the same time I do!  (Also, daughter would be in big trouble if she told me this via text, but that's a situation for another blog.)

Step 1

Go to your Settings menu and tap on Notifications:

Step 2

Under Notifications, tap on Messages:

Step 3

Make sure the "Show Previews" button is off.  If it's on, it will show green.  When it's off, it will look like this:

That's all there is to it!  Next time you receive a message, it will look like this:

And you are saved from having to explain your daughter's unfortunate "F" to any nosy parties around you.  Whew!


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