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6 Common Signs of Computer Malware (And what to do about it.)


1. Slow Computer

Malware has a tendency to slow down your operating system, internet browsing speeds and the speed of your applications. There can also be other reasons for computer slowness, including use of resource heavy applications or lack of hard drive space or RAM.If you aren’t sure, call your local IT professional and they can do simple diagnostics to let you know what the issue is and how to take care of it.(Tech Connect Plus offers free in-store diagnostics!)

2. Pop-Up Windows

One of the most apparent and annoying signs of malware on your computer is unwanted pop-up windows. In extreme cases, these windows can be difficult to close or remove, and are often a sign of a spyware infection. When unwanted windows pop up, don’t click on them. Use the “X” in the top corner of the window to close them out. If that doesn’t work (and even if it does), run your anti-malware and anti-virus software or call your local IT professional.(Tech Connect Plus includes free anti-virus and anti-malware programs with our virus & malware removal services.)

3. Unwanted Toolbar or Homepage

Did your homepage change without your knowledge?Did you end up with an unwanted toolbar on top of your browser?This can happen when you accidentally click a link or pop-up window, which triggers malicious malware programs to install on your computer.Running your security software may fix this issue, but if not it can be remedied by a computer professional.

4. Computer Crashes

Frequent crashes or the “blue screen of death” are definite signs that there is something amiss with your computer system. If this is happening with your computer on a regular basis, it could be a hardware and/or software issue, or it could be a malware problem. Either way, you’ll want to get your computer checked out by a professional.

5. Low Disk Space

Have you been getting messages lately regarding a lack of space on your hard drive? While this may be as simple as saving too many files and legitimately running out of space, it could also be a sign of malware activity on your computer.Some types of malware use malicious software to fill up available space on your hard drive. Make sure to run your anti-malware and anti-virus software or seek help from a computer expert.

6. Odd Messages or Programs Starting Automatically

Have you witnessed programs starting seemingly on their own? Have you seen strange windows during boot up or messages from your computer system informing you that you’ve lost access to some of your drives?These could also be signs that malware has compromised your computer.In extreme cases, your system may need a complete wipe and reinstall of Windows by an IT professional.

Experiencing any (or a combination of) the above issues? If you are local to the Mankato, MN area, stop in at Tech Connect Plus for a free, no obligation diagnostic of your computer. We are located in upper North Mankato at 1754 Commerce Drive, Suite 104. (Near Kwik Trip and next to The Dollar Tree)


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