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Don't let your electronics catch cold!

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Here in Minnesota and all across the Northland, we are hitting the most frigid part of our looong winter season.  It's January, and temperatures are below zero this week.  Of course we know not to leave our kids or our pets out it the cold (right?), but what about our electronics?

Extreme cold temperatures can have a negative effect on your electronic devices!

• When the battery in your device is subjected to extreme cold, it can stop working temporarily, and when it does reheat its ability to hold a charge can be affected.  You may even end up needing to have the battery replaced.

• Bringing a computer or phone into the warmth after it has been out in the cold can also cause condensation within the device.  This can cause serious problems with various components.

The best way to prevent these problems is to bring your computer, phone or other electronic device inside.  Do not leave them in your unheated vehicle overnight!  

If you are working in extreme temperatures, let the device warm up gradually, and leave it off for 10-15 minutes when moving from cold to warm.


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