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Top 10 Reasons You Should Buy a Refurbished Mac from Tech Connect Plus


If you’re in the market for a new computer, there’s something you should consider. A refurbished Mac from Tech Connect Plus possesses many advantages over buying new or used from anywhere else. Read on before you buy.

10. Trade-in Value

At Tech Connect Plus, you can trade in your current Mac for credit on a new one. A trade-in will help you skim savings off the top when you buy. Or, if you’re still shopping around, ask us for a quote to buy your old Mac outright.

9. Mac Staying Power

This one’s a no-brainer if you’ve ever owned a Mac. These guys last longer than Windows PCs and retain their value better, so that when you decide it’s time to make another upgrade you’ll be glad you went with a Mac.

8. We Know Macs!

We at Tech Connect Plus have over 20 years’ experience with Macs. Our knowledge of our product is second-to-none and when we refurbish a Mac, that expertise is evident in the superior condition of the computer you take home.

7. Free Shipping in the U.S. and Free Local Delivery

Wherever you are in the U.S., we’ll ship your Mac free. And if you’re in our area, we’ll deliver free. In this day and age of astronomical shipping costs and exorbitant delivery fees, this means added savings for you.

6. Satisfaction Guaranteed

Tech Connect Plus guarantees your satisfaction with your refurbished Mac. We offer a 90-day money-back guarantee starting from the date of your purchase, which allows you to return or exchange your computer for any reason.

5. Inspected and Approved!

Each and every refurbished Mac we sell has passed an extensive, 21-point inspection and has been approved by an Apple Certified Macintosh Technician. We also meticulously clean our reburbs until they look brand new. These extra steps help ensure that you’ll be getting a quality Mac inside and out.

4. Extended Warranty

We stand behind our products. Most of our competitors offer you a 90-day warranty on a refurbished Mac. We blow the industry standard out of the water with our 6-month extended warranty. ( Not applicable to “Special Buy” computers, which carry a standard 90-day warranty.)

3. New Hard Drive!

Let’s be honest. Hard drives are often the first part of a computer to go kaput. We prolong the life of our Macs by installing a new hard drive in each one.(Not applicable to computers with a solid state drive.) Not only are you saving money when you buy from us, but you’re getting a better product that is sure to last longer.

2. More for Less

Many of our refurbs have upgraded memory, processors, and/or hard drives, which means your refurb will do more for less. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, talk to us about our custom upgrades to hard drives and memory at reasonable prices. Whatever your needs, we’ll help you get more computer bang for less of your hard-earned buck.

1. Save Money

What other reason do you need? At Tech Connect Plus, you can save as much as 45% over new computer prices. Check out our page for a price comparison between new Macs and our refurbs. There’s great savings in store for you!

Click here to see our current selection of Refurbished Apple® Computers, or stop and see them in person at our store located at 1754 Commerce Drive #104 in North Mankato!


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