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Nathan Stolt
Tech Connect Plus opened in 2012 when owner Nathan Stolt decided to start his own business after years of assisting friends and family with their technology needs in his downtime from his day job in the tech support department of a large local corporation.

Nathan has always enjoyed figuring out how things work. He still remembers taking apart his Dad’s brand new lawn mower as a child and putting it back together again. Nathan's childhood curiosity has developed into something much more productive as his passion has turned towards helping people with their technology.

Nathan has been setting up and repairing computers, printers, networks and more for over 25 years. He enjoys keeping up with the rapid pace of technology, and he is willing and able to meet any technology challenge he encounters.  

Nathan’s clients love that he is very down-to-earth and can translate even the most difficult technology issues into terms that they can understand.  He has a genuine love for helping people and seeks to find solutions that fit the customer’s needs without charging them for more than they actually require.



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